Cutting in Light Bulb


Includes wrapping (tissue or clear wrapping), bag/box, ribbon, and card.

Keep the message to three short sentences.

At Micro Plant Studio, we propagate some of our plants, including Marantas, Pothos, Philodendron, and many other types of viny plants. The photo shows some of the variety you will receive, among many other types not shown in the photo.  The photo illustrates the root system’s maturity and each propagated plant’s many options and sizes. All our propagated plants are rooted in water and come in a Light Bulb jar of 3.4oz measuring 3.99″ L x 3.99″ W x 2.2″H. The bulb is shaped in acrylic and the sucket of the bulb come in gold or silver. They make great gifts or add to your office or home plant collection. Plant care: Expose the plant to strong ambient light or natural filter bright light, and keep the water level up.

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