Spruce 1

Christmas trees with roots! Our beautiful micro Christmas trees are guaranteed to add style and holiday spirit to your space. They are great for the office, home, and holiday events and also make awesome gifts!  Our trees come in a variety of sizes small enough to be placed on a table. Our trees have roots so instead of throwing them away after the holiday season is over, you may donate them to a school for a community planting event, plant them in your yard or place them in your outdoor space and watch them grow. If you decide to keep the tree indoors make sure that is placed in front of a window. To  keep the tree small, prune branches when necessary. We can also help you maintain your tree using our Re-potting services. Accessorize your micro tree by adding a cute decorative pot, LED lights, bow or ornaments, which are also available for sale at Micro Plant Studio.  Our micro Christmas trees can also be delivered right to your door if you live in the Boston area. Please note that a delivery fee does apply. You can also pick up your tree at Micro Plant Studio, located at 365 W Broadway, South Boston, MA 02127.

Delivery Rate: Delivery cost varies on the area that the items are being delivered to.
Shipping: Some items are not available for shipping. All orders within the USA are shipped via USPS. You will be charged separately via electronic invoice. Please make sure to contact us for shipping rate.

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