Year round, Micro Plant Studio takes pride designing and facilitating interactive paint, floral, and terrarium workshops. In all of the workshops, we build-in fun activities, icebreakers or team building exercises, that leads to memorable experiences. We have over 18 years of experience designing workshops for the education, nonprofit, corporate sector and special events and occasions. All workshops can be tailored for professional development, to help increase social interaction or as simple as having a good time among family members, friends or coworker. At this moment Micro Plant Studio only travels facilitating workshops, locally and out of the state. 

Booking any of our workshops is easy and they all can be tailored. To learn more about our workshop requirements and planning process please take a few minutes reading the below information. 

Planning your workshops:

Micro Plant Studio facilitates workshops throughout the City of Boston. The first 8 miles from Micro Plant Studio, 365 W Broadway, Boston, MA 02127, to the hosting workshop destination are free. Any additional miles traveled by car are charged at $32.00 by the mile. If you would like to know your distance from Micro Plant Studio, CLICK HERE, type your address in the destination box.

We are based in Boston, MA. A successful workshop usually takes about three weeks to a month of planning. Before traveling outside of Massachusetts, all logistical details will be worked out. The company, organisation or group interested in hiring Micro Plant Studio to facilitate a workshop will be responsible for hospitality:

  • Round trip flight
  • Hotel stay,
  • Meals,
  • Vehicle rental or UBER
  • Facilitator’s travel time, and
  • Any additional accrued traveling fees. 

Make sure to reserve the workshop physical space ahead of time and make sure its not located next to a quiet space. Also, add additional time for set up and breakdown. 

Hosting an indoor workshop:

When hosting a workshop please make sure the space is big enough for the group size and to follow all emergency codes/protocols established by the local municipalities. 

  • Clear pathway should lead to the exits. All fire emergency exits should be clear, not blocked.
  • When people are sitting, it should be comfortable to walk around for the facilitators and participants.
  • The space should be big enough for people to stand in a circle. 
  • Also, make sure the systems to keep your guests warm or cool, are working, AC and heater. 

Hosting an outside workshop:

Outside spaces can be fun and yet it presents a few challenges. Before making a final decision consider the following variables.

  • Will you have access to tables and chairs?
  • Wind + Rain: Avoid scheduling workshops on a rainy or windy season of the year. The wind will blow away all items from the tables and the rain will turn the soil into mud. 
  • Super Sunny + Hot/Humid: Sitting down for a long period of time under direct sunlight is not ideal for any of the participants. Try identifying a space with a tarp or ceiling built in that protects your guests from the sun and that allows the activity to move forward as scheduled.
  • Also, try to get a space with fans or AC system. 

Overall, we facilitate groups composed of a minimum of 10 people, maximum of 50 people. Groups bigger than 51 people, per workshop, we recommend book two facilitators to assure everyone is provided with our outmost technical support and guidance. If you have only 8-9 people, you may still book us but you are expected to pay the full fee for a group of 10 people. 

Younger kids: Because we can tailor all of our workshops, we are able to work with a broad age of people. Younger age groups will required a higher guidance, which means, you will be required to hire more than one facilitator for the workshop. 

Overall, we facilitate a group size composed of 10 people up to 50 people. 

  • When people are sitting, it should be comfortable to walk around for the facilitators and participants.
  • People should be able to walk from one point of the space to another point without any difficulties.
  • The space should be big enough for people to stand in a circle. 
  • All fire emergency exits should not be blocked.

Base Price: Our personalized services starts with a base price of $75. The base price covers for traveling time, use of transportation, setting up/breakdown, upkeep of tools, materials, supply, and other items that will be used on a case by case.

Building a personalized booking, under “extras” you will be selecting the number of plants in need of service. As you book your service, you will be adding plants by pot size in need of service. When you add the plants to your booking, the system will automatically add the cost and time needed to service each plant. Read below for an example on how to build your customised booking. For example, if you have:

  • Four plants potted in a 4″ pot size that need service, you will add 4 into the system next to the 4″ pot size, the system will allocate 5 minutes per plant
  • Two plants potted in a 8″ pot size that need service, you will add 2 into the system next to the 8″ pot size, the system will allocate 5 minutes per plant
  • Based on the booking above, the system will add:
    • $75 base price + cost for servicing the 6 plants + tax = Your Total
    • In addition, the system will add the total time for servicing the plants, approximately 30 plus minutes will be needed to complete this booking. The system will provide you dates and times available to select from. 

Package deals include the base price, cost per plants, number of visits, number of weeks and time, and provides you a discount. The discount for every package ranges from 5% off – 20% off. Under booking, take a look at plant sitting for an example! We have added nine package deals. The package deals are usually offered for a short period of time but the actual service can be booked during any time of the year, as long it does not fall on key holidays.

All sales are final sale.


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