Transport Plants Virtual Consultation

Are you moving within or outside of or into the City of Boston? Do you need help consulting how to best pack your tropical plants so they can be moved safely to your new home? If your answer is yes, we are here to help plan a safe move for your plants. The goal is to decrease the trauma plants experience from the process of moving from their current ecosystem to a new ecosystem–your new home.

In preparation for our virtual consultation, we will explore the following questions:

  • What season of the year will you be moving?
    • Hot, cold or warm? 
  • What is the order of things to be moved into the truck?
    • How far is the truck/car will be parked from the building?
  • How long will the plants be in the truck or car?
    • If you using a car, where will the plants be placed in the car?
    • How long is the car drive?
    • Will the plants be traveling along with a pet?
  • Materials to be used for packing the plants?
  • How big are the plants?
  • Other questions will be asked during the consultation