3D Designing & Printing
Products designed and printed by Micro Plant Studio. Explore some of the 3D pot items that we ship HERE!


To learn more about whole sale please contact us via email HERE or complete the online application.

Welcome to the world of 3D printing at Micro Plant Studio!
We are the first plant store to design and print unique plant, floral, office, and home décor products! Our designs, pots, vases, propagation kits, and many other innovative items, are functional and edgy. 3D printing technology allows us to use PLA/PETG filaments that come in a broad spectrum of colors and print products that are super lightweight and durable. Every product can be customized. The products are so lightweight they may be showcased on wall shelves, suspended from the ceiling, or free-standing. Below, explore some of the available products on our online store and studio. Orders can be picked up, delivered, or shipped.

New Products: Year-round, Micro Plant Studio will be designing and printing items and making them available in our studio and in our website, some items will be only available on our website. New items will always be made available on our website before its made available in our studio.

Custom orders & wholesale: We also, accept custom orders and wholesale orders. Email us or contact us via our social media. 


Disclaimer: The color of each item may vary depending on the color settings of your screen. Most of the colored filaments we use are bright colors, deep colors,  and some are light pastel colors. Also, take note, the filament of your first order might might slightly vary from all other orders you will be placing in the future. Plants and flowers shown with the pots/vases are sold separately.