Julio César Román, Micro Plant Studio Founder & Owner

Julio is a Boston based local artist, web designer, community engagement strategist, and plant lover. Julio was born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, and lived for a time in Hartford, Connecticut. He moved to Boston to study at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, where he received a Diploma in Fine Arts, Fifth Year Certificate, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He went on to study Social Policy, receiving a Master of Public Policy from Tufts University.

He can be reached via our email, HERE.

Micro Plant Studio’s mission is to become a recognised seller of plants, flowers, pots, and plant theme related gifts throughout the United States and a gathering space for community members who enjoy floral, plant, home decor, and art based activities. The company guarantees 100 percent customer satisfaction and values friendly service.

Micro Plant Studio’s purpose is to increase customer’s appreciation of tiny plants, indoor and outdoor plants, flower arrangements, decorative pots, and other plant theme related products; to provide customers with beautiful, unique, soothing, and joyful artistic products; and to provide neighborhood residents a communal space to increase sense of community and artistic expression. Micro Plant Studio is comprised of a showroom, studio, and an online shop. Our customized products are great for the home, office space, special occasions, and gifts.

Micro Plant Studio is the first Latinx own and managed plant business in Massachusetts and in New England. Also, We are the first plant store to 3D design and print unique plant, floral, office, and home décor products! Our designs; pots, vases, propagation kits, and many other innovative items are functional and edgy.

Our company name have personal significance for our founder and owner, Julio Cesar Roman.

In 2017 Julio had an unexpected surgery. As part of his recovery process, from his small art studio apartment, he cared for his growing collection of succulent plants. Julio found caring for the plants soothed him and made him feel happier. As an artist, he was inspired to learn more about the biology of succulents and other plants. Julio explored the propagation process and experimented with planting in cool glass tubes and other containers. Within a short period of time he had too many plants to care for. He started to photograph the propagation process and the plants interacting with his collectable tiny toys by creating dramatic environments. Now, his plant collection and toy collection are online. Purchase one of his plants a larger plant to add to your collection. These plants are great for your home or office and can easily make a great gift/present to family and friends. Some of our plants are pet, kid, and adult friendly and are great for the home and office spaces.

Help us soothe and bring a BIG smile to the world, one plant at a time!

Located at 365 West Broadway, South Boston, Massachusetts 02127, Micro Plant Studio occupies approximately 650 square feet of space in the heart of South Boston’s W and E Broadway neighborhood. Micro Plant Studio rents from South Boston Development Corporation, an organization responsible for preserving affordable housing in South Boston. Micro Plant Studio plays a small part in helping this wonderful organization meet their mission, which means when you make a purchase at Micro, you are not only supporting us but also helping preserve affordable housing in the City of Boston.

Rethinking the Traditional Flower, Plant & Gift Shop

Micro Plant Studio’s South Boston location is comprised of a showroom and a creative arts studio. The space challenges what one traditionally would consider a florist, plant or gift shop. The showroom combines these three concepts and pushes them to a new level. Showroom guests will find a unique sample of items from Micro Plant Studio’s full online website collection. Behind the showroom guests will find an intimate studio space for creating terrariums, painting and participating in other creative projects/workshops. The studio is a space where people are encouraged to create art, be inspired by art and nature, learn from each other, be part of a shared community space, and increase their sense of community by networking with others. Guests of all skill levels are welcome in the studio.