Exposed Terrarium

Since 2021, the “Exposed Terrarium” workshop is one of the most popular corporate workshop that we provide. Two (or three) interactive fun activities are carefully blended with the workshop to increase social interaction and increase our sense of belonging, while having fun!  The cost per participants covers 3 succulent plants, soil, pebbles, and the 3D pot designed and printed by Micro Plant Studio. 

The base price for this workshop covers for the minimum number of participants which is 10 for the workshop, planning time of the teacher/facilitators, other workshop supplies cost, set up time, and teaching time. Supplies/materials included with the cost are: 3 plants per terrarium, soil, pebbles, and a 3D pot designed and printed by Micro Plant Studio. When placing your reservation, you may add additional participants  for the workshop. 

Workshop Materials:

  • Seasonal Succulent Plants
  • 3D Pot
  • Soil & Pebbles
  • Brush to brush off soil (to be returned once used to Micro Plant Studio)

Starting package: 15 people minimum.

Please note the above floral arrangement is one of many floral arrangements we have made in one of our workshops. Depending on the season of the year, the flowers and colours will vary.