Mobile Plant Bar

The Mobile Plant Bar is the perfect hands-on activity for corporate or personal events and special occasions. The design of the bar is intended to be self-served. The bar includes all of the ingredients; comes with an assortment of 2″ plants, soil, pebbles, and stylish colourful pots. In addition, we rent you the plant display stands, serving spoons, and bowls, see image. Our starter package entertains a total of 25 people. If your your group is larger, when placing your order, you may add the additional number of people. In addition, the bar comes with self-guided steps for repotting the plant.

If you would like your pots to be specific a colour, the system will ask you during checking out process.

The pots have been designed and 3d printed by Micro Plant Studio.


Workshop Materials:

  • 3D pots
  • Seasonal succulents
  • Soil & Pebbles
  • Instructions
  • Display trays, bowls, and spoons  (to be returned once used to Micro Plant Studio)

Starting package: 30 people minimum.

Please note the above floral arrangement is one of many floral arrangements we have made in one of our workshops. Depending on the season of the year, the flowers and colours will vary.