Skull Floral Design

Once in a blue moon we all enjoy being spooked! What a better way of being spooked by building a floral arrangement in a 3D printed skull using seasonal fresh cut flowers with friends or coworkers. The colour of the skull can be customised. After you are done using the flowers you may refill the skull with new fresh flowers or use it as a plant pot, pen or pencil holder or add it to or start your very own skull collection! The skulls are designed and printed by Micro Plant Studio.

Workshop Materials:

  • Seasonal flowers and fillers
  • Hydrated foam
  • Skull
  • Clippers/Shears (to be returned once used to Micro Plant Studio)

Starting package: 10 people minimum.

Please note the above floral arrangement is one of many floral arrangements we have made in one of our workshops. Depending on the season of the year, the flowers and colours will vary.