Are you looking for a unique space for an event? Micro Plant Studio is happy to host your special event at our showroom, studio or in both spaces. Each space is unique.

  • Studio: A comfy and intimate space. The studio is furnished with 6 stainless steel tables (20″x30″) and 12 yellow metal stools. The floor is rustic with a shine, window greenhouses bring into the space the beauty of nature, whimsical plant related photography hang from the white walls, and a sink is available. It accommodates approximately up to 11 people sitting down. Guests walk through the showroom to have access to the studio. Depending on the type of event and time of the year, the studio is available during and after business hours. Length of events, between 1 hour and 1.45 hours. 
  • Showroom: This space is contemporary and vibrant. Our large showroom windows and a lamp, an art piece, welcomes the guests to the showroom. You will be surrounded by tiny plants, flowers, tiny pots, and other whimsical plant related objects that will spark a conversation. The middle island of shelves are on wheel, making it easy to move and make additional floor space for the event. The showroom can host approximately 10-25 people standing. The showroom is available before and after business hours.