Our Floral Cakes Collection looks delicious and will make a visual impact in any setting; weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, baptism, corporate events, and more! Everyone will ask for a piece of the cake or will want to cut the cake but they are not edible. These cakes will last approximately 5 days, possibly more or less, depending on the type of flowers used. Our floral cakes that take the form of mini living floral sculpture or a floral arrangement. 

Pricing: A floral cake starts at $285 and up. The cost is determined by the type of flowers used, decorative carving, and other added decorations to the cake. Some flowers and fillers are seasonal.*

Dimensions: A basic cake comes on a 11″ diameter platter, the cake is approximately 9″ wide and the height is approximately 8″/9.5″, it could be a bit taller. 

Ordering a cake: To fulfill an order, we will need approximately 2 days in advance. During holidays, we will need a full week, always call us in advance and check with our production schedule.  

*Substitution Policy
In some instances, the florists photo may represent an overall theme or look and include a one-of-a-kind vase which cannot be exactly replicated.

Although the actual bouquet may not precisely match the photo, its temperament will. Occasionally, substitutions of flowers or containers happen due to weather, seasonality and market conditions which may affect availability. If this is the case with the gift you’ve selected, the local florist will ensure that the style, theme and color scheme of your arrangement is preserved and will only substitute items of equal or higher value.