Micro Plant Studio, LLC is looking for creative interns with a BIG sense of humor, heart, smile, and passion for providing a high level of service to our guests! Interns will increase their knowledge in the area of business administration by helping to maintain and manage our studio (our space) looking and feeling relaxed and welcoming to all.  Applicants must be consistent, highly motivated, and interested in the arts, plants, flowers, and education. College students are highly encouraged to apply. A stipend will be provided. These positions report to the Chief Creative Officer, who is the owner.

Our Mission and Purpose
Micro Plant Studio’s mission is to become a recognized seller of plants, flowers, and plant theme related gifts throughout the United States and provide a gathering space for community members that enjoy floral, plant, and art based activities. The company guarantees 100 percent guests satisfaction and values friendly service.

Micro Plant Studio’s purpose is to increase guests’ appreciation of tiny plants, flower arrangements, and other plant theme related products; to provide guests with beautiful, unique, soothing, and joyful artistic products; and to provide neighborhood residents a communal space to increase sense of community and artistic expression. Micro Plant Studio is comprised of a showroom, studio, and an online shop.

Online Application

  • Please write in the time that you are available for the internship. (For example 9am-12noon). If you are not available a particular day, please write "not available".
  • Upload Support Materials