Throughout the year, Micro Plant Studio carries house plants (trees, bushes, and table top plants) that scientists consider great for purifying air. Selected plants in our showroom are repotted in gorgeous decorative pots, making it easy to present as a gift/present or decorate your house. Unpotted plants can be found in the back space of the studio, along with a gorgeous selection of decorative small and medium size pots, planters, plant stand, and hanging pots. Some of the plants vary in pot size and in height. Most of the plants that we carry start at 1.5 inches – 12 inches pot size. Depending on the time of year and day of the week, you will find all of the plants in-stock or some. Plants that are out of stock are usually delivered at our showroom within two weeks, sometimes sooner. On this page you will find a light key, some plants require bright light and others low light.  If you enjoy collecting plants, you might want to take advantage of our plant club membership programs, which you may obtain your membership by purchasing it HERE.


Bright Light

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Medium Light

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Low Light

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Pet Friendly Plants