In-Home Plant Styling

Would you like to add plants to your home? Every plant deserves the right pot size and a home to manifest its beauty and live its best life. 

What is plant styling? The process of providing technical support with assessing the space and decorating it with potted plants, (if you have pets, with pet friendly plants) that will look and live their best lives in your home or office spaces. We go in and evaluate the brightness of light, distance of objects, and where the heating and cooling air system are in relationship of the plant placement. We help you pair plants with the same care and light and with pots, planters or plant stands that fits the aesthetics of your space and to your lifestyle. A pot should never take away from the beauty of the plant, instead it should enhance it. 

This is a two step process:

  • Step one: During the home or office space consultation, Micro Plant Studio personell will help you identify the best location in your space for plants to live. Consultations are based by the hour, if needed, additional minutes can be added to the service.
  • Step two: Once the service is booked, you will be provided with a list of plants and pots that would best fit with the aesthetics of your space. Plants will be potted and delivered to your home and placed on the identified areas. Fee will vary on the numbers and sizes of plants and pots. Additional fee may apply, transportation, etc.