Aralia Balfour


We carry two bag sizes of Coast of Maine organic soil. The 8qt. soil bag is sufficient for repotting a plant that comes in a 4″-6″ farm pot.

Clients have the option of buying a pot from our online pot collection or bring a pot from home.

Protects floors and furniture from dirt or water stains. Clear color blends in nicely with surroundings. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

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This easy plant comes in a 6″ farm pot.

Light:  Provide filtered sunlight (near bright window).
Temperature:  Keep 65-85 degrees F. out of cold drafts.
Water:  Water with tepid water and allow surface of the soil to dry out between waterings
Humidity:   Place the plants on a humidity tray of pebbles and water, or use a room humidifier for best results.
Fertilization:  Feed every 2 months during the summer and spring growing season with a granular, controlled-release fertilizer.
Grooming:  Clean monthly and prune the tips frequently to promote the growth of new leaves and to help maintain its full, lush appearance.
Note: The Balfour Aralia is poisonous and can make pets ill if they chew or eat it.

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