3D Printing
All of our items are printed with PETG filament, which is waterproof, watertight, UV resistant, and super light in weight.

Solid Filament *

Select the type of filament color you would like us to use for your order. This type of filament is solid, which means you cannot see through the material. This material has a shine to it.

Black White Yellow Blue Light Blue Pink: Light Pink Pink: Hot Pink Orange Purple Red Green Silver Gold Any Color Not Applicable

Translucent Filament *

Translucent Filament comes in clear and color–visually looks like silk. An additional cost of $5.00 does apply for the translucent filament.

Purple +$5.00 Frustrate white +$5.00 Yellow +$5.00 Green +$5.00 Orange +$5.00 Pink +$5.00 Any Color +$5.00 Not Applicable

Expedited Service: *

Depending on our number of orders received throughout the week, some orders can be expedited. We will need about 2-4 days to expedite an order. An expedited order can be fully completed only if we have the filament and machines available for printing. In general, all orders for events should be placed 30 days – 50 days in advance to the event. Make sure to contact Micro Plant Studio at 617-855-8785 before placing your order. Fee does apply for expedited orders. The fee is quantity based.

Non expedited orders, will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis.

Date of Event

Delivery or Pick-Up *

Please select if you would like your items delivered within the Boston area or picked up at Micro Plant Studio.

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