Studio Plant Club
The club is a membership program designed for individuals that are interested in starting a plant collection, expanding their existing collection or wants to give someone a one of a kind housewarming gift or holiday gift. Two different house plants  each month, a total of 6 plants, per club cycle. The plants may be picked up at Micro Plant Studio or be delivered in Boston.

About the house plants and membership:

  • Lush and lively plants!
  • The plants are long lasting
  • Exquisite Varieties (1 tree approximately 4 feet-5 feet, 1 plant arrangement, 4 small to medium size plants)
  • Come in a unique pot/basket. Pot sizes will range from 4” wide to 8” wide
  • Members pick up plants on the first and third Thursday of the month, delivery is available.
  • 3 months of plants
  • You will received a total of 6 plants during the membership period, 2 plants each month
  • Club is non-refundable and cannot be cancelled.
  • Choose in store pickup or delivery. Delivery to Boston
  • Limited to 6 members
  • Membership must be purchased two weeks before the start of each club cycle.

As a gift …
The special someone will receive a succession of plants that will remind the recipient of you month after month as each new plant is picked up or arrives, and long after.


Delivery Rate: Delivery cost varies on the area that the items are being delivered to.
Shipping: Some items are not available for shipping. All orders within the USA are shipped via USPS. You will be charged separately via electronic invoice. Please make sure to contact us for shipping rate.

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