The Soleful Collection celebrates life, joy, tiny shoes, and tiny plants! Each item in this collection comes with a colorful baby shoe, tiny matching baby sock, and a Micro or medium size plant. Our Soleful Collection makes great gifts to welcome newborns, to give as party favors during a baby shower or birthday,  or to decorate the baby’s and your personal space. Each plant and shoe has its own character and will warm your heart or the person that receives it. Each plant will vary in size, type, and color. The plant comes in a beautiful glass tube. All of the shoes are wearable. Most of the shoes sizes are between from 0-6 months to 7-12 months. A shoe can be purchased individually or as a set.

High Volume Orders: Micro Plant Studio will need at least 7-8 weeks to fulfill orders with a high volume of orders. One shoe, sock, and plant is considered one order. Please make sure to email us with your request, including the link to the items that you would like to order. A full payment will need to be received by Micro Plant Studio to consider the order. Once an order is placed it will not be able to be canceled.

This collection is available for shipping.