Year round, Micro Plant Studio takes pride designing and facilitating interactive paint, floral, and terrarium workshops. In all of the workshops, we build-in fun activities, icebreakers or team building exercises, that leads to memorable experiences. We have over 18 years of experience designing workshops for the education, nonprofit, corporate sector and special events and occasions. All workshops can be tailored for professional development, to help increase social interaction or as simple as having a good time among family members, friends or coworkers. At this moment Micro Plant Studio only travels facilitating workshops, locally and out of the state. Booking any of our workshops is easy. To learn more about our workshop requirements and planning process please take a few minutes reading the WORKSHOP LOGISTICS.

Year-round, Micro Plant Studio, updates the workshop list to reflect the season and holiday season. Some workshops will be tailored for small or larger groups. If you would like a workshop tailored just for your group, please complete the below form and we will contact you within 1-2 business days. Sometimes, our emails might end up under the spam or junk folder. Keep checking those folders if you cannot find our response in the inbox folder. 


Planning a workshop is very easy as long it has been scheduled a month of the preferred workshop date. Please plan according and give us a call if you have a question or text us. 

Micro Plant Studio facilitates workshops throughout the City of Boston. The first 8 miles from Micro Plant Studio, 365 W Broadway, Boston, MA 02127, to the hosting workshop destination are free. Any additional miles traveled by car are charged at $8.00 by the mile. If you would like to know your distance from Micro Plant Studio, CLICK HERE, type your address in the destination box.

We are based in Boston, MA. A successful workshop usually takes about three weeks to a month of planning. Before traveling outside of Massachusetts, all logistical details will be worked out. The company, organisation or group interested in hiring Micro Plant Studio to facilitate a workshop will be responsible for hospitality:

  • Round trip flight/Train
  • Hotel stay,
  • Meals,
  • Vehicle rental or UBER
  • Facilitator’s travel time, and
  • Any additional accrued traveling fees. 

Make sure to reserve the workshop physical space ahead of time and make sure it’s not located next to a quiet space. Also, add 1.5 hours for set up and 1.5  hours for breakdown. It is important for the space to be near a restroom and sink for washing hands and hydrating plants.

When hosting a workshop please make sure the space is big enough for the group size and to follow all emergency codes/protocols established by the local municipalities. 

  • Clear pathway should lead to the exits. All fire emergency exits should be clear, not blocked.
  • When people are sitting, it should be comfortable to walk around for the facilitators and participants.
  • The space should be big enough for people to stand in a large circle and smaller circles. 
  • Also, make sure the systems that keeps your guests warm or cool, are working, AC and heater, including electrical shades. 

Hosting an outside workshop:

Outside spaces can be fun and yet it presents a few challenges. Keep track of the weather which will help avoiding any mishaps caused by inclement weather and make sure to have plan B. It is our goal to create a fun and relax experience for all participants. Before making a final decision consider the following variables when planning the outdoor workshop.

  • Will you have access to tables and chairs? It is important to have all chairs and tables reserved prior the start of the workshop. The layout of the tables is key for a success workshop.
    • Possible layouts:
      • Clustering of Tables: Clustering of two tables allows 8-10 particiapnts per group. Ideally, participants should be able to stand around the tables comfortably.
      • U Shape set up layout: The U shape allows participants to see each other’s work but also allows the facilitator to walk around and inside the circle providing technical support. Also, creates additional space for sitting inside the circle.
      • Donut set up layout: The donut set up participants seats in the outside out the circle only and facilitators walks around providing technical support.
  • Wind + Rain: Avoid scheduling workshops on a rainy or windy days.   
    • The strong winds will blow away items from the tables, including soil and any other items that are light-weight. 
    • The rain will turn the soil into mud and impossible to use. 
  • Super Sunny + Hot/Humid: Sitting down for a long period of time under direct sunlight is not ideal for any of the participants. Try identifying a space with a tarp or ceiling built in that protects your guests from the sun and that allows the activity to move forward as scheduled.

Overall, we facilitate groups composed of a minimum of 10 people, maximum of 28 people. Groups bigger than 29 participants, per workshop, are required to book a second Micro Plant Studio facilitator to assure everyone is provided with our outmost technical support and guidance. If you have only 8-9 people, you may book us but you are expected to pay the full fee for a group of 10 people. 

Depending on the workshop: Micro Plant Studio provides the following:

  • One facilitator per 28 people
  • For keeping the tables clean we provide plastic table clothe 6 tables,
  • For keeping participants clean provide aprons, gloves, and wetnap
  • Some of the tools and materials that we provide: plants, brushes, soil, clippers pebbles, container foam

Base Price: All workshops start with a base price of $385, which means covers for:

  • $135 covers for 1 Teacher/Facilitator:
  • $250 covers for the planning, purchasing of supplies, and traveling time ((tolls+ gas, up to 8 miles).
  • Additional fees do apply if the distance surpasses 8 miles.
  • Does not include cost for actual number of participants.
  • All bookings are final. All payments are nonrefundable.
  • Workshops can be rescheduled 3 weeks from the actual date of the workshop.
  • Rescheduling can be done by logging in to your account HERE.
  • Due to inclement weather or personnel emergency, a workshop might need to be postpone. Micro Plant Studio will work closely with a group representative to reschedule the workshop.

Year round, Micro Plant Studio provides plant related workshops and parties designed to increase member’s sense of community in the corporate and nonprofit sector or fun events. Workshops may serve as a formal or informal social activity to bring your team together or it can be tailored to fundraise money for a particular cause. No prior planting or arts background is required from participants.

Workshop Planning
Workshops are planned in partnership with the company’s appointed personnel that will be hosting the Micro Plant Studio team.

Workshop structure
The workshops can be part of a large event or the main activity of an event. In general, prior to the start of planting, a few group interactive activities are held, which not only helps to break the ice but also allows participants to get to know Micro Plant Studio’s team and vice versa. At the end, time will be provided for participants to reflect on the workshop and takeaways.

Duration of workshops
Depending of the workshop, it can be conducted between 1.5 hours to 2 hours or longer.

Examples of Workshops 

  • Floral Design, which can be tied with designing an event or welcoming any of the four seasons
  • Plant Care & Planting, which can be tied with self-care
  • Painting a Pot and Plating, which can be tied with thinking outside of the box, planning, and appreciating people’s skill set.
  • Creating a Terrarium, which can be tied up with elements of a team and nature.

All workshops listed above can be done for fun too and adapted to meet your overall needs! A custom workshop can be designed to meet your needs. For example: We can include a charade game as part of the planting activity, additional time will be needed.

Micro Plant Studio’s Team
The Micro Plant Studio team is composed of one-two people, who co-facilitate the workshop. The team brings working expertise in the nonprofit and corporate sector. Their educational background is in psychology, law, public policy, arts, and plants. Note: For large planting workshops, we recommend two facilitators, for smaller groups (8 people), we recommend one facilitator.

 Benefits for the company

  • Increase a sense of community
  • Reinforce company’s value and culture
  • Understand group dynamics
  • Provide space for socializing, self-care, and fun

Benefits for participants

  • Experience something new as a team! Get to know each other through fun interactive activities, including planting, painting, and charade games
  • An opportunity to take risks by planting and being creative
  • Socialize with their peers (and families of employees)
  • Ability to take risk without judgment or under pressure
  • Take something home or keep in the office they have created individually or as a team

The overall cost of the workshops varies and depends on:

  • Number of participants
  • Materials needed for the workshop
  • Duration of workshop, and
  • Travel to location: We can travel to the event location
  • Facilitator’s Fee

Complete the below form if you would like Micro Plant Studio help you design a workshop for your upcoming event/team!