Micro Plant Studio is the perfect space to host an intimate company (corporate or nonprofit) or friends event. The front of the space is our showcase and the back space is our studio. Both spaces are unique–full of colors and textures–surrounded by art and gorgeous plants, an oasis within the city of Boston. From late September through April, the spaces are available to host events. Micro Plant Studio is available to host events Mondays through Fridays after 8pm and Saturdays through Sundays after 6pm. Events can also be scheduled during Micro Plant Studio business hours. The space is not available before, during or after major holidays. For your event to be considered, please complete the online application located in this page. Once your application has been submitted, it will take approximately 2-3 days for review. If your event requires immediate attention, please text or call us at 617-855-8785.

APPLICATION: How do I reserve the Space?
To reserve the space is simple. Complete the online application. Once we have received, revised, and approved your application, we will reply with an electronic invoice. It usually takes 2-3 business days to review an application. If an item in the application is left blanked or is not cleared, a courtesy call will be made. To expedite the process, we highly suggest to visit Micro Plant Studio and checkout the layout and mention to a team member that you are thinking of submitting an application. The space is available before, during, and after business hours. Business hours are Mondays through Fridays 11am-7pm and Saturday through Sundays 11am-5pm. During major holidays the overall space is not available, see schedule HERE.

SPACE OCCUPANCY & USE of SPACE: How many people fits in the front and back space and ideas for using the space?

Space occupancy is strictly reinforced.

  • Back Space: The back space is our studio space. The space holds a max of 16 people standing or a max of 12 people sitting down. The tables are provided by Micro Plant Studio. The studio can be used for plant related workshops or an intimate gathering. Also the back space can be used with our showcase space–for appetizers, beverages, sweets, and other small finger foods. A sink is available with water supply. The furniture in the middle of the studio is mobile, which means it can be rearranged with prior noticed.
  • Showcase Space: Depending on the time of the year, the showcase space holds a maximum of 25-28 people standing. This is a great space for having people standing in a circle while speaking, leading an icebreaker or networking.

MUSIC: Is it possible to play music during the event?
Yes, music is allowed to be played at a specific volume level. Micro Plant Studio is located in a strip mall residential area of South Boston. We take pride in the special trusting relationships we continue to build with our neighbors.Music volume levels should be kept at a level that allows all event attendees to hear each other while engaging in a conversation and that does not disturb our neighbors. For this reason, we have specific volume level guidelines. As an option, a wifi speaker is available to connect with an iPhone and some selected smartphones for background music. Days prior the event, the guest that is coordinating the event is encouraged to test the syncing of their phone with the speaker or they may bring their own small speaker for the event. Please note, large entertainment speakers are not permitted. Micro Plant Studio reserves the right to lower the music to an adequate level.

House Keeping Items: At the start of the event, all parties are to be informed of the two exits located in the spaces, one exit is located in the back space and the front entrance space is considered one exit too.

COST: How much does it cost for using the space?
Their is a cost for using the spaces and any other requested services. Once the date has been confirmed, a non refundable deposit of $150 is required to hold the requested date. The remainder balance of the invoice should be paid in full three days prior the scheduled event.  The cost for using the varies on the type of event (workshop, networking event versus a ceremony), day of event, time of event (before, during or after business hours), how private you want the event to be, and overall use of the space. It is extremely important to provide as much information as possible when completing the event.

PRIVACY: Are other people allowed to come in to Micro Plant Studio during our event?
You have the option to pay for a private event or semi private event. A private event means, no other person is allowed to

TRASH: What should we do with the event trash that has been produced?
We take pride with the beautiful space that we have created for our plants and flowers and for our guests to enjoy. For this reason, we ask all users to help us maintain our space looking gorgeous by making sure throughout the event trash is placed in the designated trash locations. Cups and plates should not be placed or left on shelves. If you are serving appetizers, beverages, and sweets, we highly encourage small plates and small cups to be used–they are cute but will also at a unique touch to your event. At the end of the event, we ask all the event organizer to to a walk through to make sure to traces are left behind.

Because our space is intimate and limited with storage, we are not able to hold items overnight. It is important to do a walk through at the end of the to make sure items are not left behind. If a small item is left behind or found, Micro Plant Studio will contact the the event representative and inform them item was found.


Food & Beverages 

STOOLS: Do you have stools that we can use? 

USE OF SPACE Application

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