Our Visage Collection consists of photographs taken, which are turned into iris prints, by Julio César Román, artist, plant lover, and founder of Micro Plant Studio. The images explores the physical and emotional impact nature has in people’s life, and vice versa, the positive or negative impact we have in nature. This exploration is done by using whimsical yet expressive plant decorative tiny toys, succulent plants, and dramatic lighting to create, capture, and reinforce a particular mood and the physical environment. The tiny people seen in the environment can be perceived as finding refuge, feeling or being physically trapped or in the process of breaking through mentally and physically. The prints are open for interpretation. The plants are physically tiny yet humongous when juxtaposed with the tiny people. Each plant can be perceived as entrapping, protecting or soothing the tiny toy. Both, the plant and the toy, are in a state of fragility. All of the photographs were taken with a smartphone and manipulated using Adobe Photoshop software, turned into prints. The end result is breathtaking. Each print is unique and saturated with bold colors and long lasting emotions.

The prints look great framed and exhibited in your bedroom, office, living room or any other special space. Our Visage Collection prints make great presents and gifts. We are working hard on expanding our Visage Collection. These prints are adult and kid friendly. Throughout the year, we will adding other unique prints to our collection.

All Visage Collection are available in prints, framed, and matted. Sizes for each print varyFor additional information or to make purchases, please click on the image of the print you would like to order.

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