The Zen Collection is bold, slick, tranquil, sophisticated, and organic. The leaves are rich in color and large in size. They look great at home and work. They make thoughtful presents and gifts.  Throughout the year, we will add other unique plants to our Zen Collection. If you are interested in smaller versions of these beautiful plants, explore our Micro Succulent Collection and Micro Cactus Collection.

Plants are like people. Each has its own characteristics. You can see the plants in our Zen Collection below.  Notice the varying physical structures. When ordering your plant, some may be slightly shorter/taller, wider/narrower, and the depth of colors will vary from those below.

All plants in the Zen Collections come in an elegant black or white pot ready for display. Topped with charcoal, white (off white) or light brown small stones. Most plants extend to or surpass the circumference of the pot. In the near future we will be adding color options for the pots. For additional information or to make a purchase, please click on the image of the plant that interests you.

Items in this collection line are available for shipping. 

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