Welcome to the world of 3D printing at Micro Plant Studio!

This is the wholesale page for distributors and small businesses who are trying to sale Micro Plant Studio’s 3D products, based in Boston, MA, USA. 

We are the first plant store to design and print unique plant, floral, office, and home décor products! Our designs; pots, vases, propagation kits, and many other innovative items are functional and edgy. Every product can be customized, size and color. 3D printing technology allows us to use PETG and other filaments that come in a broad spectrum of colors and print products that are super lightweight and durable. All of our items are waterproof and watertight and are tested for quality control.  The products are so lightweight they may be showcased on wall shelves, suspended from the ceiling or free standing. To explore some of of our products retail online store HERE, which you may use as reference when pricing your items at retail price. Year-round, Micro Plant Studio will be designing and printing items and making them available on our website for you to order. Please note, the plants and flowers shown with the products are not included.

Placing an order with Micro Plant Studio is super easy!  To get access to our online store you will need to complete the online form. You will need to know your basic business information, EIN and upload your resale certificate. Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will receive a code to get access to our online wholesale store.

Your first order placed online or in person must be a minimum of $500.00. After the first order, your order must be a minimum of $300.00. Delivery fee varies on location. Pick up of orders can be made at Micro Plant Studio. Once an order has been placed online, we will contact you with approximation of when your order will be completed. We will contact you again to inform you your order is ready for delivery/pick up. Full payment must be received prior we start working on an order and for delivery.

Thank you for considering Micro Plant Studio as your wholesaler provided!

3D Wholesale Online Application

a world of contemporary designs…

a world of contemporary designs…