BUILD A GEO TERRARIUM: Not every person has the space, nor the time, dedication, and frankly, personality—to keep 100 plants alive in their apartment or urban spaces. Some of us, limit ourselves to one or two plants in our homes. But just because we don’t exactly have green thumbs doesn’t mean we can’t see the benefits of living with plants. Terrariums are the way to go for those with little time and space.

What exactly is a terrarium? They are tiny greenhouses and self-sustaining plant eco-systems. All materials will be provided for the workshop. Geometrical shaped vase, soil, pebbles, and succulents will be used to create the terrarium. The terrarium should reflect your style. At the end, you will have a beautiful ecosystem which you may take home/office or give away to that special person. Plant care will be also covered. Oh, do not forget you have earned bragging rights of your creation!

Micro Plant Studio’s goal is to build a sense of community through the arts, plants, and the spirit of collaboration with local businesses and residents. Throughout the workshop, we will be playing fun interactive activities (a.k.a. ice-breakers) as a means to get to know each other, create and promote a fun and welcoming space for everyone.