Julio Cesar Roman, Founder and OwnerMicro Plant Studio also Offers Experience, Sense of Community

by Ginder DeShaney

It was a few minutes before closing time when the phone rang. It was someone looking to buy a gift for a special friend. “Yes, come in. I’ll be here,” Julio Cesar Roman told the caller.

A little before 7 p.m. on a Wednesday, Eben van der Walt walked into Micro Plant Studio. He asked Julio for plant advice. He pulled out his phone and showed Julio a photo of the gift recipient’s living room, which was full of plants. Julio knew each plant in the photo, and, noticing what she didn’t have, suggested Eben get her either a small Calathea Pinstripe or a larger monstera plant to add to her collection.

Julio asked Eben questions, told him about each plant, explained their care, and showed him the pots and stands he had available. There was easy banter between the two, laughter, a connection, a shared goal. Eben decided on the monstera plant and Julio carefully wrapped it up, making it look picture-perfect.