Photo Courtesy by Vistaprint: Julio Cesar Roman, Founder & Owner of Micro Plant Studio. View TV ad HERE

Main Street businesses are the heart and soul of every neighborhood in Boston. We bring people together. Small businesses help reinforce the vibrancy, values, and spirit of the community and the fulfillment of the American dream. Can you imagine if all of the small businesses in your area – like your favorite restaurant, coffee shop, flower/plant shop, gym, hair salon/nail salon/barbershop, theater/visual art studios, pizza shop, or bodega – closed permanently? The value of real estate would decrease and our sense of safety and community belonging would drastically decrease too. We all play a critical role in ensuring this does not manifest into reality.

In December 2020, I, founder and owner of Micro Plant Studio, along with other business owners had an amazing opportunity to be part of a TV ad collaboration between Vistaprint and the Boston Celtics that celebrates the role local businesses play in our communities. The ad captures the genuine spirit of small business owners. Behind every smile there is a story to be shared by the owners– a story of sacrifice leading to triumph. Our smiles disguise the long days spent setting up our businesses to welcome returning and new patrons. Our smiles do not show the time spent away from our friends and families or the heartfelt stories shared by our patrons when we are helping them.

At Micro Plant Studio, we are open seven days a week. During the holidays, we serve hundreds of people. Each patron is unique. I have been very fortunate to learn about our patrons’ lives –happy times and sad. We help our patrons celebrate birthdays, weddings, new homes, and commemorate the loss of a pet, friend or a family member. We have tried to engage authentically with our patrons by asking them questions that lead to greater understanding – an authentic trusting connection.

When you watch the ad, take a minute to reflect what it took to get the featured businesses moving from the ground up. Every business owner featured in the ad, like many others, believed in an idea or had a life experience that led to a transformation. The business owners’ smiles, the making of an idea into reality, and customers supporting small businesses during the COVID-19 health crisis, is the power of the ad. Thank you for continuing to support your local businesses, including Micro Plant Studio. And GRACIAS/THANK YOU Vistaprint and Boston Celtics for providing small businesses airspace to celebrate what seems impossible: small businesses keeping the lights on in our communities during a time of crisis. We stand because of you!

Behind the scene