Photo: Joshua and his family experiencing Micro Plant Studio 2021 Christmas Window Display

Imagine A World Without Nature & Art: A Reflection Upon 2021 & Inspiration for 2022

Take a minute to breathe – inhale and exhale. Simultaneously, stretch your arms out and reach for the sky (or ceiling). Now, slowly bring your arms down. We have reasons to be thankful. To be exact, by the end of this year we have revolved around the sun in 365 days, 5 hours, 59 minutes, and 16 seconds. Some of our goals have been met and others have not; and that is okay.

Now, imagine a world without nature and art. Our world would be, and look, meh.

Nature provides us with health benefits; informs what we wear, drink, and eat; reminds us how serene our neighborhoods could be; inspires how we interact with each other; stimulates us visually; and sparks our creativity. Nature provides us a higher quality of life. It is up to us to protect it.

At Micro Plant Studio, through our curated window displays, we incorporate visual arts and elements of nature a means to engage South Boston residents and visitors.  This year we produced seven different window displays. For each window display, we incorporated objects of different sizes and colors, textures, and lights – capturing the ambience of the holidays and seasons, interpreting nature artistically, and reflecting its impact in our community. Micro Plant Studio window displays have become one of the most viewed and photographed places in the South Boston area – creating long lasting memories. Our window displays have bridged people from varying life experiences with differing socioeconomic backgrounds. Each window is designed with the intention of educating, uplifting our spirit, inspiring curiosity, and creating communal connections even when we go home to rest.

Meet Joshua and his family, pictured in the above photo. I met Joshua about a year and a half ago, on his way to daycare. He is one of my youngest customers. At first, he was too young to verbally express his enthusiasm. Colors and lights captivated his attention and imagination – his eyes opened big in amazement. He used to press his hands and face against the window. Now, he talks in short sentences and tries to open the studio door to see the window display from the inside. Entering the studio, you can see his face glowing – with a big smile as he looks around in wonder. He even pronounces my name and things he sees. Joshua has truly captured the spirit of Micro Plant Studio. I remember being his age.  Everything looked so much bigger in relation to me.

I started Micro Plant Studio during my surgery recovery process – a six-month recovery process. It forced me to be creative and to remain optimistic during times of uncertainty. I found ways to create my most playful and optimistic body of artwork. This experience helped me to cope with what we, the world, have been experiencing: COVID-19, an unexpected health crisis. Many businesses have closed and others have found ways to stay open. In 2020, on one of the many late evenings as I walked home, I noticed businesses in total darkness – a scary and lonely experience. I knew I did not want my small business to become another shuttered door in the community. Fast forward, in 2021, I invested in more window displays to ensure those walking by Micro Plant Studio are reminded that better days are ahead of us. The impact of our window displays cannot be measured the same way we measure profit and loss. Human interaction, like the interaction experienced by Joshua, his family, and many others alike, facilitated through the arts, is irreplaceable. Small businesses help keep our communities uplifted.


You might be wondering how Micro Plant Studio did this year. While many look to profit and loss statements (the pandemic is still making it hard for small businesses to succeed), at Micro Plant Studio we measure success a little differently. We potted over 850 flower bulbs, donated 6 Christmas trees to veterans, donated bouquets of flowers for Mother’s Day, and donated to a variety of other community projects. What is new at Micro Plant Studio? We are not only the first Latinx plant store in New England, but we are now the first plant business to design and print in 3D unique plant, floral, office and home decor products! As a community business, I look forward to finding new ways to capture the imagination of our community and continue gaining your trust and support. Thank you for supporting us in 2021.

Please consider Micro Plant Studio for your upcoming corporate and personal events – whether ordering plants, floral arrangements, hosting team-building workshops, or selecting home or office decor. Also, you can help spread the word about us by reviewing us on Google and following us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok).

As we approach 2022, let’s reflect, evaluate, set goals, and remember to give back to the community. Let’s be curious like Joshua and connect with each other authentically. Continue living your best life, understanding we are part of a larger ecosystem. Every decision we make matters, affecting not only ourselves, but also those around our community, and our environment.

Here’s to an awe-inspiring 2022!


Julio César Román

Founder & CEO of Micro Plant Studio