Micro Plant Studio partners with companies to envision and implement their ideas from start to end. We are brand, event, and client centric. Our goal is to help you plan fun memorable personalised and interactive events by incorporating nature. Plants and floral design arrangements in decorative pots and planters are not only beautiful but they elevate, add a cozy feel, and bring to life public and private events and celebrations. Plants and flowers add layers of textures, colors, and a sense of being outside.

Micro Plant Studio rents out and sells lush plants and contemporary pots in a broad range of sizes and we carefully design vivid colorful floral arrangements for large and small events in the nonprofit sector, for profit sector, and personal events. We have the capacity of mass producing small giveaway pots in a broad range of colors by 3D printing them.

Micro Plant Studio is known for creating lush colourful sculptural floral installations and incorporating silk flowers with fresh cut flowers and plants. The sculptural installations vary in sizes, from small to large floral–helping create a colourful contemporary visual presentation and memorable experiences for guests.

Trade Shows: When submitting your request, please upload your trade show booth designs along with your application showing where plants will be placed and the dimensions of the structure. Also, it is important to share the preferred color and height and the total of pots and plants needed.

Weddings and other flower related requests: We create traditional and contemporary sculptural floral designs for all occasions. When completing the form please please share your inspiration board, including type of flowers and colors, with us and type of event and location.

Below you will find two forms, one for floral event requests and the other form for the rental or purchase of pots and plants in higher quantities.

Year-round, Micro Plant Studio provides 3D printing, pots, plants, planters, floral arrangements, and party favours for grand occasions like commercial marketing, trade shows/booths, conferences, conventions, weddings, galas, fundraisings, birthdays, and many  more grand events. Our goal is to help you plan a fun memorable personalized event. Below you will find two forms, the Consultation Short Form and the Final Planning Long Form. For an in person consultation with our studio personnel, please complete only the Consultation Short Form. If you are interested in reviewing the Long Form, you may! The questions in the Long Form are designed to help you plan your event and in return to help Micro Plant Studio personnel gain greater understanding of the details and scale of the occasion. Also, the long form can be used as a guide to gather materials when you are meeting with your event planner and visiting possibly sites where the event will be taking place. Please take a few minutes to go over each of the questions, gather information, and finally complete the form. Once the form has been completed, we will contact you via email or phone. We look forward to working with you collaboratively in realizing your vision. Cheers to an exciting event.




Covid-19 has changed the way we do weddings and other large-scale events. We all dream of having a big wedding in front of friends and family members; with all of the bells and whistles. Micro Plants Studio is here to help you rethink your micro wedding and event. Small events can be as beautiful and emotional moving as a big event! Contact us today!