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Micro Plant Studio is super excited to unveil our first window display of 2022! Every year, Micro Plant Studio reuses some of the window display items used in years prior, to come up with a contemporary theme or an object of inspiration. This year’s Valentine’s Day window display has been inspired by the classic playing card, the Queens of Hearts. a new component

Next to the red throne, a giant Queen of Hearts card poster is framed and placed just off- center in the window display—setting the mood for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday. On the seat of the throne a clear rhinestone crown, silver scepter, and silk bouquet of red roses are carefully positioned, as though awaiting someone to claim—perhaps for you to claim for that special someone. As your eyes pan from left to right, you will notice an 80s phone, carved foam bear covered in white foam roses, carved hearts covered in medium size silk red roses, giant paper roses, and on each end of the display there are giant sculptural floral hearts composing a floral giant arrangement.

Lights play a key role, reinforcing color and ambiance. The floor of the display is lit by red lights used to accentuate the reds. A “Love You More” neon sign is hung overlapping one of the hearts, red “Love” neon overlaps a smaller heart, a crystal chandelier chrome dandelion light fixture sets the mood for the occasion and welcomes us to the new year and Micro Plant Studio.

In general, this window display tries to celebrate the spirit of Valentine’s Day–falling in love, finding love, self-care or love, and treasuring long-lasting friendships.

We encourage Southie residents and friends to stop by and take picture/selfies with the heart floral arrangement sculpture, which is placed outside. If you need help with taking a picture, come in and ask for help! If you upload your images to social media, please tag us and use the hash tag #MicroPlantStudio—we will be happy to share them too!

After all, we are Queens and Kings of hearts!


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