Micro Plant Studio is excited to celebrate our 4th business anniversary!

This is a big deal for a small business in the heart of South Boston. We sure have reasons to celebrate our ups and downs. We started as an online business. Now we are a brick-and-mortar studio on a fast-growing main street that hosts many other amazing local unique businesses. We want you to be part of the celebration!

We continue to take all precautionary measures to ensure we stay collectively healthy. The wellbeing of each community member is important to us. For this reason, we will host our celebration virtually online by providing 4 giveaways – each giveaway represents one year Micro Plant Studio has been in business.

The 4 giveaways are:

  • 3D Print, designed and printed by Micro Plant Studio
  • Flower bouquet, designed by Micro Plant Studio
  • 6” Plant
  • 6” Pot, a ceramic pot

We are still standing because of your trust and continued support! In February, we will have 4 GIVEAWAYS, recipients selected randomly. To participate, no purchases are necessary, but you will need to take four actions. You can only win one of the giveaways. By participating, you agree to have your picture taken and shared on our social media channels, including our website and newsletter. Below you will find the 4 giveaways and guidelines for the giveaways.

You can continue supporting our small business by purchasing —online or in person—plants, pots, or gift cards, and you can schedule a private workshop or contract us for your wedding, birthday or corporate events.

Let the virtual celebration begin!

  • ACTION 1:    Facebook or Instagram:
          • Using either of the above social media platforms, tag 4 different people under this post. Please make sure to tag ALL four people on the same text box.
          • Do not tag pet accounts or any of your other professional or personal accounts.
  • ACTION 2:    Like the post that will be featuring our 4 years business anniversary posted on Instagram/Facebook.
  • ACTION 3:    Follow at least two of our social media platforms. Our social media handle is Micro Plant Studio.
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  • ACTION 4:    Sign up for our email blast HERE! (See profile bio link). 

February 28, 2022 7:15pm ET, we will go live on Instagram and announce our 4 winners!


The first day Micro Plant Studio opened. 

Fun Facts: Micro Plant Studio started as an online business. Julio Cesar Roman, the founder and CEO of Micro Plant Studio, used his savings to open the South Boston studio. We are the first Latinx plant store in New England. Long hours and days were invested transforming the space. The concept was developed to provide guests an experience when interacting with plants and flowers. The studio lights play a critical role in keeping the space bright but also plants healthy.  Year-round, we produce very cool unique items made by 3D printer and others by hand. Below you will find some of our photos of the construction progress. We hope the photos inspire you to dream of your next career steps. To learn more about our story and Micro Plant Studio, take a look at our Our Story Page HERE.