We are excited to unveil our second display of the year!


These past few weeks, the owner of Micro Plant Studio, has been prepping for this special day, the unveiling of the St. Patrick’s Day window display! We are excited not only to have our business in Southie but also join the community celebrating St. Patrick’s Day festivities. We dedicate this display to the first Irish immigrants that moved to Boston, in the 1718, for prosperous beginnings and contribution to our beloved City of Boston.

Although the owner is not Irish, he is from Puerto Rico; he understands what it means to celebrate cultural traditions that helps elevate and celebrate cultural pride and build a sense of belonging even when we are away from our birthplace—where our traditions come from—the traditions of our parents and grandparents. The city of Boston is the host of the largest Irish community compared to any other City in the USA, ranks 6 for having one of the largest parades in the USA and has largest Irish flag in the world. Many Irish immigrants came to the United States for the same reason many other immigrant groups arrived in the United States–a better future.

Some of the artistic decisions behind the display: 

During the process of designing our window, we considered how to best celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, saturate our window with color, introduce an outdoor sculptural element, and feature some of the items that we design at Micro Plant Studio. We carefully searched what type of ambience and space we wanted to create. Our window display can be someone’s living room or bedroom—either coming or going to an event. We narrowed down our color palette to shades of green and shades of gold. The color was reinforced through the use of materials; fabrics and lights.

The display introduces some of our amazing 3D pots and vases that were designed and printed in gold and green by Micro Plant Studio. The pots have been filled with faux gold coins and placed on gold painted tables.

One of the key elements of the display is the placement of a suede chair along with a working gold clock. The chair has been adorned with a St. Patrick’s Day shamrock suit, pair of shoes, socks, hat, and gold clothe hanger. The placement of these items challenge us to question if the display was staged to make us feel as if this was a private space or public space; if the space is a bedroom or a living room; and if the person is coming from or going to an event.

Lastly, we created a shamrock sculpture, which is placed outside during business hours. The shamrock serves as a welcoming gate to the Studio but also adds an artistic element, which many neighborhoods are in much need off. South Boston residents and people visiting the area are encouraged to take pictures of and with the shamrock.


Thank you for visiting our website site and learning a bit more of our display process and intentions.

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