House Plant Bug Control

Just like people and pets, plants get sick and need special care. Each plant is different, they have different needs, and the reality is sometimes they get sick. Some plants attract or come with bugs. As time progresses, you will notice the colour of the leaves have changed, bugs are crawling on or below the leaves or you might start seeing white fuzzy things on them. Not knowing what to do can be overwhelming, especially if you see the health of the plant on the decline. We are here to help you analyse what is the issue with the plant and make the necessary recommendations on a needed basis. In order to assist you, we will need to inspect your plants by visiting your home and making the necessary  treatment. In preparation for our visit, we ask that you to isolate the sick plant from other plants to avoid additional plants from being contaminated.

Once we arrived to your home, the first step is to inspect the plant that requires the most care and check if any of the other plants are in need of care too. Once we have identified the issue, we will make the necessary treatment. If another type of treatment is needed we will inform you once our assessment has been fully completed. Most plants are in need of a three step process, which means, we will need to return to the location two more times after our initial visit. If the plant is infected severely, we will inform you if the plant or parts of the plant are salvageable.

We suggest for this service to be booked for three appointments.

  • First appointment: Evaluation and treatment
  • Second appointment: Evaluation and treatment
  • Third appointment: Evaluation