Home Plant Care Consultation

Oh no! Are your plants acting up! Can you not figure out what seems to be the problem with them? One of our team members, will travel to your home and work with you to assess any issues your plants might be experiencing. During the consultation, we will support you in determining the plant care options for your plants and make any necessary recommendations! 

Some of the things that we will be considering are, but not limited to, type of light sources; frequency of watering; placement of plant within the space; room temperature; pet friendly; levels of humidity; and type of plant in relationship to your lifestyle.

Once the plant assessment has been completed, we will walk you through action steps on how to best care for your plants. Please make sure to identify 3-5 plants that need the most help to discuss during the 45 minutes consultation. If you think additional time is needed, please make sure to add additional time when booking your appointment.