Virtual Plant Care Consultation

Oh no, my plants are acting up! What is wrong with my plant? We are here to help you with your plant care issues. Our team will work with you to access any issues your plants are experiencing. During your online consultation, we will support you in determining the plant care options for your plant! The consultation will take place via our instagram account. In preparation for your virtual appointment, we will need a minimum of one picture/video of the following:

  • pictures/videos of the full plant(s),
  • closeup pictures/videos of the plant(s),
  • pictures/videos of where the plant(s) are being displayed/stationed,
  • pictures/videos of the chopstick after you have poked the soil all the way down. 

Text us the photos/videos no later than 2 hours before your scheduled appointment. Please make sure your pictures are sent by using the photo icon feature on the bottom right side, next to the mic icon.