Home Plant Pruning & Shining

Are your indoor plants too long or tall, are the leaves no longer shining, do others have too many offsprings? Well plants need haircuts and facials and we are here to help!  

What is pruning? Pruning is the process when individual branches or vines are cut selectively. Some of us prefer our indoor plants to be viny and tall, but at times they can get out of control. Just like hairstyles, some plants are in great need of a spruce up. Also, some plants grow too many offsprings/offshoots which makes the pot overcrowded, take a look at our repotting services.

Cutting down a plant and shinning the leaves is beneficial to the overall health and aesthetic of your indoor plants. We will work with you closely to best identify how much trimming the plant will need. After, we will make sure they are nicely dusted and shined!  

When booking this service please make sure to select the correct size of pot that your plant is in and how many plants are in need of pruning and shinning for each size!