Studio Repotting Services

Every plant deserves fresh soil with nutrients and the right size pot to grow and stay healthy. The overall health of plants depend on the pot size, light exposure, watering frequency, and quality of potting soil. Plant lovers around  are often uncertain when or how frequent to change potting soil of plants. Paying close attention to plants will help you understand when it needs fresh soil and when it needs to be repotted to a larger pot. Proper soil provides a plant with the necessary nutrients it needs to grow healthy. Micro Plant Studio is here to help you with soil change and repotting either at home or at our studio. 

At some point a plant will outgrow its pot. How do I know if my pot has outgrown its pot? Some of the signs a plant no longer fits into its current pot can be determine by looking to see if the roots are finding their way out through the pot drainage holes; surfacing or wrapping around the inside of the pot; and if the plant wilts a day or two after watering or discoloured leaves or a lack of new growth. Another reason for repotting your plant is the about offsprings the plant has produced, making the plant too compacted and challenging to water and grow healthy. Now, let’s get your plant repotted!

In preparation for repotting, please make sure the plants are not contaminated with bugs. Prior to accepting your plant for service, Micro Plant Studio’s team will inspect the plant to assure no bugs are found on the plant. Bugs have a tendency to spread quickly. For this reason, if notice the plant has bugs, the service will be refused until the plant has been disinfected from all bugs. For this reason, we ask you please send us picture of your plants as requested in our system. Take a look at our bug control services!

Pots are not included with this service.

Pots for this service are sold separately. If you are in need of help selecting the right pot size, please stop by the studio for our assistance. If you are repotting a plant that is in a 4″ pot size, you will need to go one size up. The plant will be repotted in a 6″ pot size. One size up means 2″ up (bigger) from its current pot size.