Transporting Plants

Are you moving within or outside of or into the City of Boston? Do you need help packing, delivering, and unpacking your tropical plants once they been transported to your new home? If your answer is yes, we are here to help plan a safe move for your plants. The goal is to decrease the trauma plants experience from the process of moving from their current ecosystem to a new ecosystem–your new home.

Tropical house plants should not be exposed to direct sunlight during your move for a long period of time, unless they are cacti or a plant that is resilient under the sun. Traditionally and the easiest thing you can do is place the plants on the backseat of your car. These poor plants are high risk of being exposed to the sun, potentially leading to undesired results.By doing this the plants can become sizzled, can experience leaf damage or even end up dying. Placing them into a box is another options that can lead to same results, through suffocation from poor ventilation. most tropical plants are prone to getting burnt under 5th sun and should not be packed into boxes without holes.