Cheers for another accomplishment! What a better way of coming together and celebrating your team or a friend’s accomplishments by creating a Plantini! Everyone enjoys having a good time and it all starts with a Plantini!

What is a plantini?

A Plantini is the blend of the word plant and an actual martini glass. Magic! Now you can create your very own Plantini. We provide you with all of the ingredients, a gorgeous 3D martini container that has been carefully designed and printed by Micro Plant Studio, soil, and pebbles. For sure it will make a splash once assembled and displayed in your office or home! 

These are super easy to make. You will need approximately 60 minutes to build a Plantini, not including team building or icebreaker. The martini container can be ordered in different colours and the plant type will vary too, pricing restrictions do apply. The first print colour is free. Plant selection is restricted to reflect the overall cost.  


Workshop Materials:

  • Seasonal plants
  • Soil & Pebbles
  • Paint brush to brush off soil (to be returned once used to Micro Plant Studio)

Starting package: 15 people minimum.

Please note the above Plantini is one of many Plantinies we have made in one of our workshops. Depending on the season of the year, the plants available will vary.