Flowers in a Box

The art of floral design in a box is fun, expressive, and colourful! Participants will learn how to make a gorgeous lush floral arrangement using wet floral foam and fresh cut flowers. The colours and type of flowers to be used will vary on the season of the year. No floral experience is needed. Participants will be walked through the process of hydrating the floral foam, how to cut the flowers, and how to feed them into the foam, and how to carefully arrange them. 

Depending on the season of the year, this workshop can be tailored for bringing awareness about nature, women’s international day, welcome the spring, or creating small center pieces for thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. So many options! 

Workshop Materials:

  • Seasonal flowers and fillers
  • Foam
  • White Box 
  • Clippers/Shears (to be returned once used to Micro Plant Studio)

Starting package: 15 people minimum.

Please note the above floral arrangement is one of many floral arrangements we have made in one of our workshops. Depending on the season of the year, the flowers and colours will vary.