“We are what we eat. We are a product of our environment.” This can be said too about our plants. The overall health of a plant depends on the pot size, exposure to light, watering frequency, and the overall health and change of the potting soil. Plant lovers around the world are often baffled when or how frequent to change a plant’s potting soil. Paying close attention to our plants will help us understand when it needs fresh soil. Proper soil provides a plant with the necessary nutrients it needs to grow, it’s one message we don’t want to miss. The reality is some of us are too busy to care for our plants. Micro Plant Studio is here to help you with repotting your plant, soil change, and recycling your elegant indoor and outdoor pots! Below you will find a few tips that will help you understand replanting, soil change, and ideas for appropriating your pot. Reporting and soil change takes approximately 30-45 minutes, possibly more.

COST: The cost will vary on the size of the pot. We suggest, to keep your plant overnight and we will text/email/call you once the task has been completed.

Reason for Repotting
At some point a plant will outgrow its pot. Some of the signs a plant no longer fits into its current pot can be determine by looking to see if the roots are finding their way out through the pot drainage holes; surfacing or wrapping around the inside of the pot; and if the plant wilts a day or two after watering or discolored leaves or a lack of new growth.

Repotting to a new pot
Moving a plant to one size up pot can be tricky. When selecting a pot consider pot material (plastic, clay or ceramic pot), size (width and height), and drainage holes versus built-in drainage system. 

At Micro Plant Studio we use an all-purpose potting mix for plants, because it allows for proper drainage and room for root growth. After the plant has gone through soil change, plant food may be added to all-purpose potting mix. The cost of soil change varies on the size of the pot. Soil change takes approximately 30-45 minutes, possibly more. We suggest, to keep your plant overnight and we will text/email/call you once the task has been completed.

Reuse Pots & Plants
Do you have a pot and plant that you would like to reuse? The life expectancy of a plant varies on nutrients, environment, sun, water, pot, and overall care. Some plant end up dying after you have pour your heart caring for it. This means you will end up either with an empty pot or an open space in the pot. We are glad to recycle your pot and plants by making an arrangement that will add elegance to your space and a healthy lifestyle. Pricing varies on the plant selection, soil quality, and size of pot for your arrangement.