Why are we asking for your help? Micro Plant Studio’s future is uncertain. Unfortunately, many small businesses will not be able to stay open after being closed for over 3 months. We will now have to reboot our practices to adhere to new mandates and protocols for physical and social distancing. It will take about 6 months for business to start picking up again. For Micro Plant Studio-a startup business-this will be a challenge but we are up for it. At the same time, we are being realistic given our limited financial resources. We have applied to local and federal funding opportunities. Already, we have been declined by one of the grants. We have yet to hear from two other opportunities. Based on the pattern of how funds are being disseminated to actual small businesses, we project we will be rejected by the other two pending grant opportunities. We refuse to sit idly by. This is why we are reaching out to you for help. We understand the role Micro Plant Studio plays in Southie and beyond the City of Boston, more importantly in people’s life.

We are not your traditional “retail” business. We give back to the community. We are connected with our community because we care. Year-round, we host school field trips. We make real connections with residents, families, and even dogs, through social media, texting, and phone. When people come to our Studio we have real conversations. Our main goal is to help. We help people with plant care, plant selection and identification, and decor. Also, we bring awareness how important it is to have plants in our workspace and home and share the benefits of having nature around us. Seeing things that are growing helps people feel more hopeful and optimistic. Plants help us with our overall quality of life, especially during times of crises, like the one we are experiencing now. Some of the customers we serve do experience anxiety. The plants help them feel at easy, just like pets that serve as emotional support. Beyond the purifying aspects of plants, plants can boost our moods and reduce stress. Studies have shown that people who spend time around plants and/or spend time caring for them are more likely to care for others. Businesses, like Micro Plant Studio, are important in neighborhoods, it brings the value of the real estate up, sense of safety and community increases, and it expands the neighborhood’s charm.

Help us sustain our work.

Our busiest months of the year are here. Tourism and local traffic has come to a full stop, including corporate events, weddings, and other events that have helped us remained financially sustainable. We hope you are able to help us stay in the community by donating to our Emergency Fund, sharing our story with your friends and family members, and/or buying from our online store either for you or for that special someone. Delivery and shipping is available.

Thank you for supporting us and believing in our mission.

Sincerely, Julio Cesar Roman
Founder and Owner of Micro Plant Studio