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Traveling Private Workshops

What better way to celebrate your accomplishments than with a planting, painting or a floral workshop? Year-round Micro Plant Studio conducts private workshops for corporates, nonprofits, and groups of adults, youths, families, and friends that helps increase our appreciation for plants (nature), art, and sense of community and appreciation for artistic expression. We host  birthdays, bridal showers, professional accomplishments, team building, and more. Fun!

Private group workshops at Micro Plant Studio take place after business hours: Monday – Sunday after 7:30pm. Workshops during business hours can be arranged. Rates during business hours varies compared to after business hours. Also, we are available to lead corporate workshop at offices or any other venue where the corporate event is taking place. Three weeks in advance are needed for the planning and confirmation of your plant workshop.  To schedule a workshop complete the below form. All workshops are 1 hour and 45 minutes long, a maximum of 2 hours. The workshops take place in our flexible space, the studio space.

All payments are nonrefundable. Workshops must meet the minimum attendance number, if not, the workshops will be rescheduled. You will be provided a studio credit towards another workshop or general. Due to inclement weather or personnel emergency, a workshop might need to be postpone. Micro Plant Studio will work closely with a group representative to reschedule the workshop.

Micro Plant Studio provides year-round planting workshops and parties designed to increase member’s sense of community in the corporate and nonprofit sector. Workshops may serve as a formal or informal social activity to bring your team together or it can be tailored to fundraise money for a particular cause. No prior planting or arts background is required from participants.

Workshop Planning
Workshops are planned in partnership with the company’s appointed personnel that will be hosting the Micro Plant Studio team.

Workshop structure
The workshops can be part of a large event or the main activity of an event. In general, prior to the start of planting, a few group interactive activities are held, which not only helps to break the ice but also allows participants to get to know Micro Plant Studio’s team and vice versa. At the end, time will be provided for participants to reflect on the workshop and takeaways.

Duration of workshops
Depending of the workshop, it can be conducted between 1.5 hours to 2 hours or longer.

Examples of Workshops 

  • Floral Design, which can be tied with designing an event or welcoming any of the four seasons
  • Plant Care & Planting, which can be tied with self-care
  • Painting a Pot and Plating, which can be tied with thinking outside of the box, planning, and appreciating people’s skill set.
  • Creating a Terrarium, which can be tied up with elements of a team and nature.

All workshops listed above can be done for fun too and adapted to meet your overall needs! A custom workshop can be designed to meet your needs. For example: We can include a charade game as part of the planting activity, additional time will be needed.

Micro Plant Studio’s Team
The Micro Plant Studio team is composed of one-two people, who co-facilitate the workshop. The team brings working expertise in the nonprofit and corporate sector. Their educational background is in psychology, law, public policy, arts, and plants. Note: For large planting workshops, we recommend two facilitators, for smaller groups (8 people), we recommend one facilitator.

 Benefits for the company

  • Increase a sense of community
  • Reinforce company’s value and culture
  • Understand group dynamics
  • Provide space for socializing, self-care, and fun

Benefits for participants

  • Experience something new as a team! Get to know each other through fun interactive activities, including planting, painting, and charade games
  • An opportunity to take risks by planting and being creative
  • Socialize with their peers (and families of employees)
  • Ability to take risk without judgment or under pressure
  • Take something home or keep in the office they have created individually or as a team

The overall cost of the workshops varies and depends on:

  • Number of participants
  • Materials needed for the workshop
  • Duration of workshop, and
  • Travel to location: We can travel to the event location or host a group of 10 people at Micro Plant Studio,
    • Hosting at Micro Plant Studio*
      Monday – Friday 9am-11am or after 7pm OR
      Saturday – Sunday after 5pm.
      *Depending on the day of the week and time of day, at times, we are able to accommodate workshops during business hours.

Please complete the below form to explore a workshop for your company or event.

Adults are welcome to bring wine to the workshop. All guests must be 21 years of age and up. If you will be driving, please make sure to have a designated driver. The designated driver is a great way to be safe when you are out and having drinks. The person who is the designated driver swears off alcohol for the event and promises to get everyone home safely. Sounds simple and easy, right? Sure, as long as the designated driver has a plan, along with the rest of the group.

All workshops can be tailored for youth that are 12 years of age and up. In case of an emergency, all youth groups are required to be chaperoned by two adults, one of the adults should be a parent.